HIM Nitro Mass 6 lbs



Nitro mass product is beneficial for all the individual who desires for the quick recovery of the lean muscles. It contains all the essential nutrients which promote better immunity and wellness of the body. Nitro mass consists of the perfect blend of protein, which include Creatine Monohydrate, L Glutamine along with simple and complex carbohydrates. This combination ensures proper supply of protein to achieve desired result. Zeameys Maize is a vital content for body mass as it contains eight different amino acids; six major minerals; ten trace minerals and thirteen vitamins. Wethaniasomnifera (ashwagandha)-flower It promotes the healthy functioning of the organism and effectively combats all forms of stress. It is source of natural steroids. Tribulusterrestris(Puncture Vine)- seeds, It is used to enhance athletic performance and for a wide range of health issues. It effectively combats all forms of stress Mucunapurita (velvet bean)-fruit It helps to build weaker muscle and improve brain health Lactalbumin It is the purest form of “whey protein”, which is responsible strengthen the bone and body mass. Milk sugar It is a rich source of protein which vital for body building Refined sugar Refined sugar has a high calorie content which gives your body energy

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